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Khanh Thu Transport Service Co., Ltd would like to inform suppliers and customers that Khanh Thu Transport Service Co., Ltd will change its name to: Khanh Thu Fertilizer Company from February 9, 2023 .

Raising the value of Vietnamese agricultural products

Khanh Thu Transport Service Co., Ltd was established in 2016. Operating in the main field of import, export and distribution of fertilizers, transportation,…

Fertilizer products of Khanh Thu Company are imported 100% from countries: Japan, Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia, etc. are produced with advanced technology, high quality standards.

Khanh Thu Company always accompanies and is a reliable friend of farmers. Understanding the hearts of farmers who always want their agricultural products to achieve high productivity and good quality.

Thereby, Khanh Thu Company constantly researches and provides products of high quality but also optimized for good prices and friendly with the environment. Bringing farmers the first-class fertilizer products - containing high nutritional value, helping plants grow and develop with all climate and soil conditions in Vietnam.


Khanh Thu Company is proud to always accompany farmers in all circumstances. Agriculture is considered a traditional economic sector, important and contributing to the development of the country. The agricultural economy has been growing strongly. Grasping this need and advantage - Khanh Thu is constantly developing, reaching out to become a leading fertilizer enterprise in the future. With the motto "Quality and prestige are the guiding principles of operation".

Khanh Thu's products meet all needs in terms of quality, cost, productivity, efficiency, safety, and environmental friendliness, contributing to consumers with clean agricultural products and the best sustainable ecosystem for agriculture .


Being a companion with farmers in all seasons. Khanh Thu will bring farmers confidence and smiles with bountiful crops. Khanh Thu's fertilizer products meet the criteria "Quality - Safety - Efficiency - Development".

Khanh Thu is always with farmers - constantly raising the value of Vietnamese agricultural products.


Names of regulated fertilizers:


Before adjustment

After adjustment


Fertilizer NPK

Fertilizer NPK 16.16.16 – TE (Acron)


Belgian organic fertilizer

Belgian organic fertilizer


Dutch organic fertilizer

Dutch organic fertilizer


Fertilizer KOI 15

Japanese organic fertilizer (Pellet), 15kg Bag


Japanese organic fertilizer pellets

Japanese organic fertilizer (Pellet), 25kg Bag


More Japanese Organic Fertilizer

Japanese organic fertilizer (Pellet), JUMBO 750kg Bag


More Japanese powder Organic Fertilizer

Japanese Organic Fertilizer (Powder), 15kg Bag


More Japanese powder Organic Fertilizer

Japanese Organic Fertilizer (Powder), 25kg Bag(FUJI)


More Japanese powder Organic Fertilizer

Japanese Organic Fertilizer (Powder), JUMBO 750 kg Bag


More Australian organic fertilizer

Australian organic fertilizer, 25 kg Bag (KALA)


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